Why a High School athlete needs their own website

It’s 2020 and you are JUST an athlete and a student, right? Not so fast! We know you are looking to attend college on a sports scholarship. But we also know you are so much more! You own your brand, you are active in your community, you have a future that is bright and full of potential.  It’s time to think down the road and start by a high school athlete websites so you can get in front of college recruiters.

  • It’s your story to tell. You may already be on social media but having a website allows you to provide information to recruiters that you may not post on Instagram. You can express your thoughts, ideas, organize your stats and truly allow others to see the person behind the athlete. This is your story to tell. You control your narrative and your brand. 
  • Concise location for fans to find information about you. We all know professional athletes have raving fans. A website provides a centralized place for those fans to follow your journey. Inspire others with what you have accomplished.  You can display your recent stats, in-game and outside of the game photos, goals and plans are for the upcoming season and so much more. Allow fans to follow you and fall in love with your accomplishments on the field and off the field. This is so important as you progress and look at endorsements down the road in your career.
  • Opening Doors. Having your own website will open doors to a world of opportunities. As you progress in your career, you will be looking for endorsements, influencer opportunities and more. Having a strong digital presence allows you to take full advantage of all of the opportunities you are presented with as your career grows. By showing companies and individuals you know how to digitally market yourself you put yourself in a position where the companies will come to you as opposed to you having to go look for them. 
  • Own your brand. If it’s yours, it’s yours. This is YOUR story. Not your coaches, not your parents not your fans. YOUR story to tell. The public sees what you put out there on social media, on website, in the news. What do you want them to know about you? What do you want them to see?  Get in front of your narrative today and tell your own story. At the end of the day, social media platforms come and go. But your website is YOURS. 
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How we create high school athlete websites

Our answer: Create an online platform displaying your athletic skills!  Get the attention of recruiters and show them what you can do. Right now, there’s no other way you’ll get this kind of exposure.

Post videos, photos, biography, and more. A simple website will present your personal stats and game highlights in an appealing, professional way. 

We believe this is a unique approach, at the right time, to promote yourself in the college arena. 

A skillfully designed website will showcase you as a great candidate for any team and educational institution. We’ll help you to provide just what your reader wants to know.

Use it to acquaint interested college recruiters with your history and background. Tell the story of your on-field accomplishments and victories.  Use it to spotlight game highlights and action films. 

We keep the page clear – and we can create it fast by using pre-designed templates, background images, and layouts. You just have to help us fill in the blanks.

This is just the right starting point to begin conversations with just the right people.

Together, we can craft a page that elevates you above the competition. Jump in on this timely and exciting offer! 

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Clifton Canady
Clifton Canady
Welcome! My name is Clifton Canady, and I am a front-end web developer and designer, and the owner of the CT Web Design Shop. With 15 years of experience in creating interactive, modern, and eye-catching websites, and more than 10 years of experience in customer service, I am ready to take on any web developing or design challenge and create a professional website best suited to your business needs.

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