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Why Do You Need Your Own Player Personalized Website?

We know what you may be thinking, why do I need my own personalized website to showcase my talents? Well WinningEdgeDigital has your answer in one word: UNIQUE. While all your high school teammates will have their Huddle film to be able to send to schools and recruiters, you will have a link to your own personalized and customized website featuring your film and photos from game action that you could want featured and anything that makes you “stick out” to a college recruiter.

Colleges and Recruiting Coordinators across the country are looking for athletes that stand out from the crowd of athletes that they receive film from everyday. Imagine a coach clicks on your email expecting to be directed to a Huddle website with the same old boring design that athletes send them all the time. Instead they click on the link you provide them that WinningEdgeDigital has created for you and instead they are redirected to a customized website for you that features: 

  • Your game film
  • Your stats and numbers
  • Photos
  • Own your brand. If it’s yours, it’s yours. This is YOUR story. Not your coaches, not your parents, not your fans. YOUR story to tell.What do you want them to know about you? What do you want them to see?  Get in front of your narrative today and tell your own story. At the end of the day, social media platforms come and go. But your website is YOURS. 
  • Concise location for fans to find information about you. We all know professional athletes have raving fans. A website provides a centralized place for those fans to follow your journey. Inspire others with what you have accomplished.  You can display your recent stats, in-game and outside of the game photos, goals and plans are for the upcoming season and so much more. Allow fans to follow you and fall in love with your accomplishments on the field and off the field. This is so important as you progress and look at endorsements down the road in your career.

WinningEdgeDigital will make sure you control your own brand with your branded player personalized website. Not your coaches or fans. This will be your own way to create your personalized brand and continue your own story. What better way to show recruiters and schools how much you care about the game by then creating your own website!

If you are interested in taking the first step toward a brighter recruiting process, Contact us at (864) 832-7548 or email us ( or visit our website at

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Why Do You Need Your Own Player Personalized Website? We know what you may be thinking, why do I need my own personalized website to

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