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7 questions with CFO of Winning Edge Digital LLC.

This post will answer seven questions that I was asked on the Enough with the B.S. podcast. You can listen to the podcast below. We will answer be anything from “How WED got started?” “Why we help young athletes and why they need a recruiting website” to “Why you should pick Winning Edge Digital LLC.

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“More you create a brand around the student, and athlete, then the better is going to look to a recruiter!!!”

Clifton Canady – Winning Edge Digital

Question #1: If I was to ask anyone who best knows you, what would they say would be the best thing about you?

I love talking to people. I love helping people. And I feel like I’m a very friendly person and an excellent upstanding guy. I feel like people gravitate toward that type of person. And that’s the type of person I’ve always wanted to be. And so yeah, I think people would say that about me.

Question #2: What made you get into website design?

So this is a funny story. Back when I graduated high school, I wanted to go to Clemson. But I went to Greenville Tech instead. And I went into architecture, and about 2008, I saw the housing industry start dying. And I was like, why should I continue into this? And so I had a, I had to stop and think, what’s going to be around forever? And what do I like, and was computers and the internet. And so I just dove straight in and just fell in love. And I’ve been doing it ever since. I’ve been doing it now for 15 plus years.

Every athlete need a website because it’s one place where you can put everything…instead of sending a recruiter two to three different links.”

Clifton Canady – Winning Edge Digital

Question #3: What would you say separates Winning Edge Digital from other website companies? 

I care about people, and That’s why I do websites. It’s not about the money to me. Even though money is good, and everybody has to have money. That’s not why I’m doing websites. I care about my clients. And I really, I’m especially these high school and middle school kids. I know that Hudl is a great avenue and everybody uses it, But I want to help these kids, and I feel like their own website would help them out. And so I want to be there and assist these parents and kids the best way I can. And so I feel like that’s what separates me as a web design company in the sports realm of web design.

Question #4: Do you have a favorite out of all the website you have created? 

I will have to say, so I have a couple. And so the biggest the one that I love the most, as the Trevor Lawrence for Heisman website, not just because he’s Trevor Lawrence or it’s not because I love Clemson. It was an enjoyable website to design. And a lot of different transitions effects when you go to the website and how it works. And the unique things that I’ve done to highlight, for example, stats for him. Another website that I like is called NARP Clothing. It’s a market marketplace for athletes to sell their gear after they graduate or pro athletes who want to sell equipment from the teams they played for or that they’re currently playing. I’m like that was a fun website to make because I’d never built a website that before and it was the first in the sports industry niche. It was a big challenge because I had never done a marketplace vendor website before. And also, the Etienne For Heisman website was fun. There’s always something about every website that I like, and then I try to put my little touch on it that’s different from every website. So it’s hard to say, but I would say the Trevor Lawrence and the NARP Clothing websites.

Question #5: How did you know helping younger athletes was an avenue you wanted to take?

“I met a couple of key people that introduced me to a quarterback coach. His name is Ramon Robinson. And I talked to him, and he told me that I needed to target middle school and high school kids. I just did a couple. I’ve done a couple in this show. I’ve just fallen in love with it. I had a background with middle/high school students when I volunteered for Fuse youth ministry at NewSpring Church. When he told me they were my target market, I know I could jump on board and love it.”

“I want to give a little plug to Ramon Robinson, owns Elite Position Training. He trains quarterbacks and just about any position that that is on the field. If you need training, I highly suggest you go to him, because he’s a great person”

Ramon Robinson of Elite Position Training
Elite Position Training is a 501c3 Sports Organization. Our Mission is to integrate ELITE Character and Sports Training to help build great Family Relationships and Men of Honor, Integrity and Character.
coach ramon001

Question #6: Can you explain to the parents how having a website can help their young athlete 

“If I could tell parents one to do to help promote their child, it is brand yourself. Branding yourself is not just about the website. It is about how you carry yourself as a person. These young folks need to know that recruiters are not just looking at your athletic ability. They are looking at the way you walk, talk, and treat others.

What I do is build out landing pages for these kids. It includes a small little logo, photos, videos, stats, and anything about the sport.

Question #7: How important is good content on their website?

When you have useful/relevant content on your website, it helps out with search engine optimization. SEO helps you see and rank your website on Google. SEO could be a whole other blog post so look for it in the future.


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